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Use hyphens between these involve verifying sentence. The same word can be both a technical verb and a technical name when you can put this word in a technical verb category and also in a technical name category.

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However, authors may also regard restricted leeway in wording as a distinct disadvantage.

Assessment has been developed to improve understanding of the requirements and elements of Simplified Technical English, based on best practices and standards in business process architecture, design and quality management.

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It deals with moving from everyday English to Simplified Technical English.

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Always make sure that you know what you want to say and that the words that you use give the meaning that you want.

Write notes only to give information, not instructions.

As instructions for operation condition is not! Use parentheses to make a cross reference to illustrations or text, to quote letters or numbers that identify items on an illustration, and to set off text that is not part of the main statement.

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