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Hazelwood navigated the EXXON VALDEZ outside of those lanes as a safety measure.

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Collier has held two such secret hearings since the trial of Hazelwood former vice president Scott Scooter Wombold and former account.

Exxon and co-defendant Joseph Hazelwood who was in charge of the tanker.

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Your case involves the displacement of Federal maritime law by Federal statutory law.

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The number of tourists who arrived in Alaska was in a record low for almost a year following the oil spill, making a significant impact on the local economy.

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In the jury room, two argued against imposing a punitive award at all.

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Of Exxon's conduct in allowing Joseph Hazelwood to pilot the Exxon.

Hazelwood was cleared of all criminalcharges except for a misdemeanor charge of negligent discharge of oil That conviction is being appealed.

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Senior US District Court Judge Curtis Collier has sentenced Hazelwood to 125 years in prison Wombold to six years in prison and Jones to more than 25 years in prison Hazelwood was convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud wire fraud and witness tampering.

Exxon has appealed the verdict and the award may be reduced.

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Breyer also mentioned the fact that the lower court had already cut the punitive damage award in half.

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